Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby goats have come and gone...

and now it's time for SOAP and CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And some other stuff along the way)

Yes, 2012 was a long year, one where I swore up and down I would blog with seriousness and it never quite seemed to happen.  But, we can always hope 2013 turns out better right?  So on to soap and cheese and such!

December brought our final round of 2012 kidding - We had 3 does bred, and all kidded just before Christmas.  For a change this time, ALL of my little bucklings sold BEFORE the doelings did!  Super crazy...usually I've got bucks to spare and then some and the does are gone before I can blink.  But hey, I'll take it either way!

Almost one month exactly after the first kids hit the ground, the last little doeling was sold and now ALL of my milk each day is officially for us the people!  WOO HOO! Compared to last year this is heaven.  Last year I was so busy raising and bottle feeding goat kids I hardly had any milk to spare for MONTHS, in prior years we dam raised our kids and once again most of the milk went to them each day and we went months before we got a decent bit for ourselves to use.  It's been a long wait and a lot or hard work getting here - but now we have cheese and soap flowing out of the kitchen faster than I can get it put up alomst!

SO, be ready this year for cheese, and soaps, and hopefully a few other tidbits along the way!

I leave you with a link to the NadaLottaRanch Bathworks page on facebook: be sure to go like me and all the happy facebook stuff so you can see whats going on with the soaps and whats for sale and all...goat milk soap is good for you!