Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gearing up to be productive...

I have noticed that, for me at least, I am less productive on e daily basis when my home and farm are...well..."funky".  When things are messy and disorganized, I can't get anything done!  Part of the issue here is that the heart of our home - the kitchen and dining room - are poorly laid out and nearly unfinished in so many ways! The walls lack paint and are dull and drab, I have little to no counter top space which quickly becomes cluttered, and the phrase "no storage" applies directly to my 3 purely decorative little cabinets!

Since I start and end my day in the kitchen straining my goat milk and preparing it for refrigeration, this blah space often contributed to my blah moods I I have begun the process of tackling it into something more workable.

The walls have been painted - not exactly perfectly, but they are brighter and more inviting now.  I am rearranging furniture and shelving and free floating storage pieces to make things more functional.  I am finally doing something about the ridiculous peel and stick tile flooring that is coming up as I shuffle my tired feet across it each day!

And thus, I have not been blogging like I said I would be this year...imagine not blogging again :P I go to tackle the kitchen I say!  If you're really lucky I may find pics to to milk the goats first though...hopefully this bright new space will inspire me to continue the battle for organization around here!