Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One down....

Yes, that is a dead armadillo out in the yard.  The time had come, I had enough! Don't get me wrong, he honestly left me alone for the most part...BUT...he was leaving the landscape full of those little "toe catcher" holes....

Now, if I trip and fall, I get over it and get up. But if something else - like say a horse or a goat- were to catch a hoof in a hole and break a leg, I would feel bad forever. There was no relocating this guy, he just had to go!

Mr Farmhand actually had gotten up the other night and wandered out to the fridge in the shed for a glass of milk...and there he was! Mr Sandman, our armadillo....and in his socks and underwear (the proper hunting attire out here) my husband took him out! It was like a mob hit, old school, deadly, mission accomplished.

Now if only we could get the possum that keeps tearing up the trash! I've had about enough of that too!

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