Sunday, August 4, 2013

Piggy Weigh In Part II

Okay, so it's been almost 6 weeks since our last weigh in day....this week I will have to get out there and FINALLY revamp the "piggy palace" as she is fast outgrowing the "baby box"...UGH! DREADING that part!  But, the time has come....

So....the numbers from last time can be seen here: Piggy Weigh In Day     She was pushing the 40lb mark at that point.

Today I got 33 inches long, 29 inches around, and this picture of her digging into a watermelon....

Sacrificing half an icey cold melon was the ONLY way to get her to stand still.....she buried her face in that and went to town while I measured :) (Well, she wiggled around a little, but still, it's better than fussing with her while she tries to taste my measuring tape!)

So, the math on those numbers brings us to a total of 69 pounds! Not bad - not great, but not's hot, and NOTHING ever grows as fast in the heat as it does in the more temperate months....but still...she's about half way to where we want her. Since it's just James and I here, we are aiming for about 150lbs before she heads off to the processor. Or October 1st, whichever gets here first...I don't want to be fighting deer season and a million hunters to get her in there.

Not much longer till she heads to Camp Kenmore...

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